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What is the Samurai-Programme?

The Samurai-Programme is an easy to learn, effective training programme for children and adults. It benefits health and encourages age appropriate development, and personal safety and responsibility through touch, movement and awareness training.

This special training programme has been designed in a sequence of modules to ‘touch’ and activate acupuncture channels as well as our various sensory systems.

The modules can be used with groups, one-to-one or as a self-treatment if preferred. The clear structure of the Samurai training programme and the easy to learn modules enable children, students, and adults of any age to apply these treatments in an independent and effective way after just three training sessions.

The Samurai programme can be used with a wide variety of groups, from children in pre-school nurseries, to primary and secondary schools to nursing homes for seniors. The modules are specifically designed to match the different age and developmental needs of these groups.

Certified trainers introduce these modules to groups and leaders at the school or institution over three training sessions. After their introductory training, participants and groups can continue these exercises and movement independently by themselves.

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Movement and touch feels good and contributes to our well-being at any age. The Samurai-Programme was initially developed for school children and has been adapted into a highly effective treatment for the elderly. This includes fit and healthy older people as well as elderly nursing home residents with physical or mental incapacities. The programme can be used with groups or in one-to-one treatments. These straight forward, efficient techniques can be learned and used by anyone.

Carers, care assistants, Shiatsu practitioners, exercise trainers or volunteers can use the Samurai-Programmeto improve the quality of life of the elderly. The modules are easy to learn and easy to perform even for lay people. This means that friends and family members can all learn to provide constructive support for elderly people who need care.

The Samurai-Programme for seniors was developed in collaboration with elderly people. Learning to give and receive safe touch develops sensitivity for one’s body and provides the added satisfaction of being helpful to others. The programme is enjoyable and inviting for elders of all kinds, even those with restricted mobility.

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Nursery children

Children discover their environment through awareness, play and movement. The Samurai-Programme was developed for nursery aged children to meet the specific needs of this age group during this important developmental phase. Enjoyable movement, body posture and awareness are fostered through a variety of playful exercises in these modules. The programme is fun and enjoyable for both children and their trainers.

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